En MD DO Olga Steggerda

M.D. D.O Olga Steggerda.

Dr Olga Steggerda is a graduate from the State Medical Academy of Saint Petersburg, Russia as a Medical Doctor with a specialization in Neurology.


After moving to Riga Latvia Dr Steggerda was one of the first students to finish the post graduate course of Osteopathy at the Baltic School of Osteopathy in Riga, Latvia and is registered as a Doctor of Osteopathy with the Baltic Osteopathic Association.


Dr Steggerda is a graduate from the London College of Osteopathic Medicine (LCOM) and also holds a CEESO diploma (Centre Européen d' Enseignement Supérieur de l'Ostéopathie, Paris, France).



She is a member of the General Osteopathic Council in the United Kingdom and the Russian Register of Osteopaths.


As a lecturer at the Institute of Osteopathy of the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and State University of Saint Petersburg, Dr Steggerda regularly lectures at universities in St.Petersburg, Moscow, Samara and various other cities in Russia.


Dr Steggerda runs a private Osteopathic practice in Riga where a variety of patients are consulted. To book a consultation or to inquire for further information please do not hesitate to send an email or place a phone call +37126565426.


Besides practical work Dr Steggerda also conducts medical research and has published scientific work in the Russian Osteopathic Journal.

Consultation address in Riga:

Osteopathic center Riga
Brivibas street 221, 5th floor
tel: +37126565426

(parking lot behind the building)

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